DeepInspire: SEO optimization case study

The client came to the Panem Agency with a deep understanding of what they want from SEO services. DeepInspire is a boutique company with a clear vision of their place in the custom software engineering services niche. The goal of all SEO services is to emphasize and raise awareness of their expertise in FinTech software industry. The main requirement for contextual SEO is maximum natural and relevant content without hard keyword stuffing.

Together with the client, we were made a decision to target low-volume, but 100% relevant to the FinTech niche, keywords.

About client

DeepInspire is a custom software development company with deep FinTech expertise.

The client offers various services, including:

  • Custom Software Development
  • MVP Development
  • Solution Architecture
  • UX/UI Strategy Consulting
  • Business Intelligence and others.

SEO Goal & Objectives:

SEO Goal:

Find DeepInspire prospects in UK (founders, product owners, and CTOs) who are in need of outstanding software solutions.


  1. Raise the amount of targeting keywords and attract more traffic to the website.

2.Educate personas about the outstanding software solutions & raise awareness of DeepInspire simultaneously.


  • Organic traffic volume
  • Growth of relevant keywords
  • Gradual increase in the backlink mass of the site
  • Top positions for main keywords in Google’s SERP


  • Poor technical optimization of the site, many technical errors that negatively affect the positioning of the site as a whole
  • Blog on a separate sub-domain which didn't generate any traffic.
  • The main landing pages of the site are not optimized according to the keywords they target. 
  • Weak backlink profile.

Our solutions:

  • Technical SEO improvements of the website

As a result of the technical audit, a number of problems were identified and recommendations for their elimination were provided.

  • The blog was transferred on the main domain as recommended.

From SEO point of view it's better to have blog on the main domain and receive additional traffic on the main website.

  • An analysis of niche and competitors was conducted to better understand the specifics of SEO optimization
  • Search and analysis of relevant keywords for the main landing pages were performed.
  • Based on an in-depth analysis of competitors' content, briefs for structured text writing were created.
  • Content plan and technical tasks for new posts were provided.


  • Gradual and smooth growth of linking domains and as a result Domain Rating growth.

GSC Data: Clicks and Impressions for the last 6 months.

Bottom line

With a clear understanding of SEO strategy for DeepInspire we continue to improve rankings for main target keywords. We observe positive dynamic for all SEO metrics. On the monthly basis we monitoring technical issues, content gaps, build and analyze website's backlink profile. A great experience in IT niche allows us to quickly define and deal with any obstacles that can arise on the way.

Despite the way to Top 10 is not always smooth and obvious, only great efforts, exceptional knowledge and consistency is the key to success.


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