Geniusee: Content Marketing SEO for an IT Company

Niche: IT 

Location: USA
Project Period: 01 July 2021 — now

About the Company: 

Geniusee is a software and product development company. Founded in 2017 in Kyiv, the company has over 200 qualified professionals who have completed more than a hundred well-known FinTech, EdTech, Retail, and other projects. Geniusee is an AWS consulting partner.

Our Tasks:

  • Growing organic traffic to the website
  • Increasing relevant queries
  • Link building
  • Improving ranking positions
  • Increasing the number of leads from Google organic search

Issues We Faced at the Start:

  • Low technical optimization of the website, numerous technical errors, and low loading speed. The website hadn’t been optimized technically before, so we encountered a range of serious problems hindering SEO.
  • Intense competition. The client specializes in Fintech and Edtech, marked by strong competition for commercial and informational queries.
  • Absence of a hierarchical website structure and non-optimized landing pages.

Scope of Work:

  • We performed a technical audit of the client’s website and provided a range of recommendations for correcting technical errors.
  • Keyword research and clustering.
  • Competitor analysis: their metrics, strengths and weaknesses. 
  • A proposal to expand the structure of the commercial pages based on the keywords and competitor analysis, and optimize them (this is still in process). We suggested adding pages for sub-services and sub-industries, targeting narrow, clearly commercial keywords.
  • Together with the company’s content editor, we conducted in-depth research into the target audience and designed a content strategy and a content plan. The content plan was developed based on the client’s expertise and case studies. In addition, we suggested creating pillar pages based on the main industries to cover high-volume keywords (this task is currently being performed by the client). 
  • Recommendations about writing new articles. We created technical tasks for each article that outlined the structure, content, keywords, links, visuals, and word count.
  • Recommendations about optimizing existing articles (at the beginning of our cooperation, the client already had a blog; however, most of the articles didn’t bring any traffic at all). We analyzed the blog and, based on the analysis, categorized the articles into groups: those that needed optimization; several articles with the same search intent that could be combined into one; zero-performance articles featuring topics without any potential. We worked with each category separately to boost the performance of the articles.
  • Recommendations about internal linking: we modified the header and the footer, added blocks for linking between different types of pages, linking from the blog to commercial pages, and linking between the articles.
  • Recommendations for growing brand awareness: polishing authors’ profiles and publishing content on external authority sites.
  • Developing a link-building strategy and accumulating external links to commercial pages and articles.

Results of Work:

Increasing Organic Traffic

Firstly, you need to understand your potential customer, elaborate on the ICP, and clearly understand how the customer can find you on Google. It’s essential to generate traffic from commercial keywords.

Portfolio, industries, and frameworks — conversion rates from these keywords are much higher than from broad queries such as “software development.”

Only systematic work on SEO can generate good results. This was close collaboration between our team and people from Geniusee that helped the project succeed.

The client’s review on Clutch:

Traffic dynamics:

We have seen the growth in visibility of a great number of keywords, meaning that there is enormous SEO potential for future growth.

Traffic and reach in GSC:

Working on the content is only a part of the global strategy. Achieving good results without the proper approach to content and link building is difficult. That is why working collaboratively brings the best results.

A good SEO article is an effective tool for generating traffic. If you write it according to all the rules, collaborate with SEO specialists, and work on distribution, content marketing can become one of your primary lead generation channels.

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