Successful Google Ads Case Studies During Lockdown

Corona Marketing: brands that quickly react to changes and stay relevant will survive the tough times.

One of the best ways to stay close to your clients is creating situational content, which helps businesses adjust to global changes we’re currently experiencing. It gives your customers the feeling that your company is appropriately reacting to the ongoing events, and also helps you to get the message “We are with you, and we know how to handle everything” across your potential customers.

#1 Paint-By-Number-Kits Online Store

Problem: How to stay relevant in the market?

Strategy: as soon as the lockdown started, all the ads were updated to reflect the need for an activity to engage in while staying at home.

The company quickly adjusted to offering their customers same-day door-to-door delivery.

Achieved Results

  • sales grew by six times during a month;
  • the average cost per click dropped by half;
  • we managed to double the traffic to the website, keeping within the regular daily budget.

Conversions and Revenue

  • we managed to double the number of conversions;
  • the cost per action dropped by 1.5 times;
  • statistics provided by our client that shows the revenue generated by ads

#2 Helium Balloons Company: Ordering and Delivery

Problem: people want a festive atmosphere in their homes during lockdown to confront negative thoughts.

Strategy: a quick switch to non-contact delivery. The delivery person brings festive balloons at the agreed time and leaves them at a place of the customer’s choice (near the house, at the gates or apartment door). All this information is highlighted in the ads, which are targeted at the relevant audiences. 

Achieved results

Data for Comparison

Three weeks after the lockdown strategy implementation vs. three weeks before:

  • conversions increased almost by twice;
  • the cost per action dropped by 2-3 times;
  • within the regular daily budget.

#3 Asian Food Delivery Company

Problem: How to help the customer make a decision about the order? 

Strategy: updating all advertising campaigns so that they reflect the message “Stay home. We offer non-contact delivery.”

The company quickly adjusted to new rules, prepared well to ensure safe delivery and provided each delivery person with extra protective equipment.

Achieved Results

  • we reduced advertising budget for weekdays (Monday to Friday);
  • we increased the budget and bids for the weekend (Friday to Sunday);
  • steady number of orders as well as current and potential customer retention.

#4. Construction Company

Problem: How to stay in the market and optimize the cost of marketing expenses? 


  • putting the most popular search terms and high-volume keywords on pause;
  • turning off additional campaigns, keeping only the major ones on;
  • focusing on the brand campaign, adjusting ad texts and the appeal to potential customers.

Achieved Results:

Data for Comparison

Two weeks after the lockdown strategy implementation vs. two weeks before:

  • conversions increased by 1.5 times;
  • the cost per action dropped by 1.5-2 times;
  • conversion rates growth within brand advertising campaigns.

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