How to grow by 421%: SEO for a ticket reseller website

A global ticket reseller for different sports events and cups. The big site had more than 40,000 pages without any optimization. It is a new project on the market without any brand and keyword vision.

SEO Goal & Objectives:

SEO Goal:

Increase sales of the offered tickets and collect more organic traffic.

  • Increase the amount of targeted keywords and attract more traffic to the website.
  • Check the backlink profile.


  • Organic traffic volume
  • Growth of relevant keywords
  • Gradual increase in the backlink mass of the site
  • Top positions for main keywords in Google’s SERP


  • High competition for targeted keywords.
  • A new site without any vision in SERP.
  • A problem with indexing
  • The website didn’t meet technical optimization requirements
  • Poor SEO optimization of all pages.
  • A weak and spammy backlink profile.

Services Provided

First stage

  • Competitors and niche analysis.
  • Technical audit of the website with further implementation.
  • Checking the backlink profile.
  • Keywords research and semantic core clustering.
  • Relevance map for services and money pages.

Second stage

  • On-page optimization of the main service pages.
  • Finding solutions for indexing pages.
  • Link building strategy and profound anchor list.
  • Analysis of the existing backlink profile and disavowing of spammy links.

Third stage

  • Distribution keywords for promoting pages.
  • Create technical tasks for texts.
  • Publishing texts.
  • Continuing to work with the backlink profile.
  • Updating money pages.

Maintaining in-progress works

  • Backlink acquisitions.
  • Extending of the semantic kernel for informational queries.
  • Building and promoting expert content for the blog.
  • Continuous iteration and improvement of the main landing pages.
  • Analysis of backlink profile.
  • Updating and improvement of the “evergreen” content on the website.
  • Technical audit of the website.

Our solutions – backlinks strategy

After a comprehensive analysis of competitors’ backlink profiles we created a safe and result-oriented backlink strategy that aims to strengthen domain authority and drive traffic.

The focus was on quality backlinks coming from trusted and authoritative websites. For this purpose we use guest posting. We search and outreach potential donors which apply to certain criteria.


DR from 9 to 62

Organic traffic - from 30,000 to 200,000

Keywords in top 10 - from 5,000 to 15,000

High-quality keywords in top 10 

Updates result after the third part

As of now,the  DR is 71

Organic traffic is nearly 244,000 users 

Organic keywords grew up to 258,000

Traffic keywords from the USA

Google Search Console


In half a year, a lot of work was done and the desired results were obtained. As a result, all important pages were indexed and entered the Google cache. Organic traffic on Ahrefs increased from 30,000 to 244,000. The site received 1.3 million clicks and over 60,000,000 views for relevant keywords, as shown in the Google Search Console screenshot. All this led to the growth of lead generation on the client's website. Now we continue to work on further optimization of the site to obtain even better results.

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