The Manifest Spotlights Panem Agency as 2022’s Most Recommended B2B Partner

Looking for a trusted digital marketing partner that has extensive experience and expertise? Here at Panem Agency, we’re devoted to providing the highest quality services and solutions tailored to best fit our clients’ needs. It’s because of our partners’ success and support that we’ve recently unlocked a fantastic honor just recently.

According to a company listing site, The Manifest, Panem Agency is one of the global most recommended and reviewed B2B partners for 2022! In their latest report, our team was found to be a highly reliable team for digital marketing, SEO, SEM, link building, and PPC!

“We greatly appreciate our clients’ loyalty and trust in these hard times. By entrusting us with their online marketing, they support not only our agency but also Ukraine’s economy. Taras Vasyylyshyn - COO Panem

 Panem is an excellent example of how productive Ukrainians are even in wartime. We always try to achieve the best results, no matter the circumstances.” — Pavlo Lysyy, CTO of Panem Agency

Since day one, our clients have never failed to inspire and push us to do better. We attribute this amazing honor to their tremendous support. Panem Agency is beyond humbled to be your go-to partner.

Moreover, The Manifest is an online B2B news source that offers business insights and guidance to browsers looking to understand various industries. The website's first-ever company awards highlight the exceptional relationships that businesses build with their respective clients. The chosen recipients earned the most ratings and testimonials during the previous 12 months.

We would like to take this opportunity to appropriately acknowledge those who helped make this accolade possible. We at the Panem Agency would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of our clients who graciously supported and motivated us. With you, we look forward to overcoming more obstacles and accomplishing greater marvels in the future.

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