Real Estate SEO Case Study

Like many other industries, real estate has partially shifted to online mode. However, with so many real estate companies and agents, it's hard to get noticed by your potential customers without spending a fortune on PPC. Still, this is pretty achievable, thanks to SEO for real estate agent businesses. Go on reading to find out how our team managed to produce spectacular results in promoting a real estate agent platform through SEO.

About the Client

The Listing of Real Estate Agents is a platform for finding real estate agents in the US. It includes the most complete and comprehensive information about real estate agents, so you can compare and hire the right agent. The site offers agents' detailed profiles, sales history, reviews, and other information necessary for making more-informed hiring decisions. FastExpert allows you to view all agents in the database without registration.


  • Driving the maximum amount of relevant organic traffic to the site.
  • Generating more leads.
  • Growing trust in the website


  • Increasing the number of site pages indexed by Google.
  • Growing the number of keywords that can generate leads.
  • The output of keywords in the top 3 and top 10.
  • Increasing the number of backlinks with the help of link building.
  • Improving the Domain Rating.


  • The real estate industry is a highly competitive niche.
  • Listing real estate agents involves a large number of pages. All these pages cannot get into Google's SERP at once - indexing takes a long time.
  • Technical errors on the site.
  • Content issues (poor content quality compared to competitors).

Effective SEO for Real Estate: Our Solutions

Keywords & Relevant Content for Robust Real Estate SEO

We studied the entire pool of keywords in detail and divided them into clusters according to user intent. This allowed us to improve the structure of the site. In this way, we managed to avoid cannibalizing semantics to blur relevance. Focusing on low-frequency requests made it possible to move some service pages to the top.

We have developed guidelines for SEO content creation. Based on these guidelines, we created keyword-rich, targeted content. Compelling and value-adding SEO content helped not only to drive more visitors but also to increase the conversion rate.

Fixing Technical Issues

A series of technical SEO audits helped us reveal obstacles that slowed down the speed of page indexing, preventing Google bots from reading the content on the pages. Fixing these problems went a long way toward accelerating page indexing, increasing the number of clicks and impressions, and, ultimately, the value of the organic search traffic.

Internal Linking

We have created an internal linking strategy that helps the Google bot to parse the site more efficiently. This also had a significant impact on the indexing of the site.

SEO for Realtors: Link Building to Boost Online Presence

We also identified that our client's major SERP competitors have more referring domains than the client's site. That's why we actively worked on increasing the website's backlink profiles, paying particular attention to the quality of donor websites. We selected relevant resources with good traffic indicators and high domain authority. This made it possible to increase the domain rating with a relatively low link-building budget.

Final Thoughts

SEO for real estate requires a strategic multi-method approach since the real estate market is one of the most intensely competitive niches. Given that, it's pretty challenging for real estate websites to get high search engine rankings organically. However, it's entirely possible as well.

It's essential to keep in mind that a successful search engine optimization strategy doesn't boil down to focusing on competitive terms and crafting original content. Besides channeling all your SEO efforts into a copywriting project, it's crucial to invest in a link-building campaign and fix technical issues such as slow page speed or missing alt tags.

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