SEO for a startup - NewoldStamp case

NewoldStamp - a SaaS marketing tool for creating and managing corporate email signatures and using them as a new marketing channel with minimum effort.  Their product helps professionals and organizations to include more features in their business email signature to be able to promote their content, brand their business or generate more leads. The challenge was to get first positions and grow up in the niche with well-known and established competitors with good positions and history.

SEO Goals:

The goal of SEO is to collect more traffic from SERP and convert them into leads. The main requirement for contextual SEO is maximum natural and relevant content without hard keyword stuffing.

  •  Raise the amount of targeting keywords and attract more traffic to the website.

  • Develop and extend the blog with expert content and transfer clients from blog to product pages.


  • Increase in organic traffic
  • Growth of relevant keywords
  • Tracking Seo metrics
  • Gradual increase in the backlink mass of the site
  • Top positions for main keywords in Google’s SERP


  • High competition for targeting keywords.
  • Some competitors provide free solutions.
  • The website didn’t meet technical optimization requirements.
  • Poor SEO optimization of the services pages.
  • Weak backlink profile.

Our solutions


  • Technical SEO improvements of the website

As a result of the technical audit, a number of problems were identified and recommendations for their elimination were provided.

  • Competitors and niche analysis for a better understanding of the future SEO strategy.

  • Keywords research and clustering of semantic core.
  • Relevance map (keywords mapping to landing pages)


  • Create content plan for blog
  • Optimize services pages
  • On-page optimization 


  • Usability analysis and recommendation
  • Planned linkbuilding strategy and implementation
  • Searching for new grow-up points

In general it was big work with the marketing team, and it got a good result in long cooperation. Some tasks were performed on a regular basis, for instance:  track and update on competitors’ activities, backlinks check, creating strong and relevant content, building and testing search hypotheses. 

Difficult side:

A lot of Google updates. Change of keyword intent by search engines forced us to re optimize the landing pages. Most competitors offer free solution for email signatures and this fact matters when it comes to CTR. Despite all circumstances we found the right SEO solution for our client and got top positions for target keywords in SERP.

Results in general

More difficult keyword moving in our project

Organic Traffic from 0 - 40000

Organic keywords relevant for project


Current situation is the following: the website is getting near 100k visitors from organic traffic monthly and successfully converts them into leads. We went a long way from zero to a big recognizable brand with impressions of more than 3,000,000 per month in the US and Europe. Our team coped with some competitors, a lot of Google’s updates, and various difficult challenges. It is a successful story about how a startup transformed into a big brand. Nowadays we continue to support the project.

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