Search Engine Optimization of a Moving Company Website (Calgary, Canada)

Easy Moving Calgary is a small moving company located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company is engaged in residential and commercial relocations within the city, province, and country. Their strengths lie in the high quality of services, modern and well-maintained trucks, and an experienced team of professionals who can handle tasks of any complexity.


Type of business: moving company

Region: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Project period: 01 December 2020 - now


To increase organic traffic to the website driven by the main search queries and to occupy the highest possible ranking position in the organic search results in Calgary and Airdrie.

Problems that we came across at the beginning

The website didn’t have any pages except the home page;

  • There were no service pages that could inform the user and drive traffic to the website; 
  • The website didn’t comply with the technical optimization recommendations;
  • There was no connected analytics system;
  • No external links;
  • Significant errors in Business Profile optimization.


With all issues in mind, we decided to divide the work into three stages:

Stage 1: Improving and finalizing the website structure, creating and filling the most important pages.

Stage 2: Technical optimization of the website and content optimization, launching the process of external link building.

Stage 3: Extension of the website structure and creating new landing pages.


Now, let’s take a closer look at what was done at each stage:

Stage 1

  1. Compilation of the semantic core
  2. Design of the general website structure
  3. Design and creation of site pages templates
  4. Implementation of new feedback forms
  5. Creation of the relevance map

Stage 2

  1. Technical audit of the website
  2. Connecting and adjusting analytics systems (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Microsoft Clarity)
  3. Developing technical tasks for creating content
  4. Content publishing and optimization
  5. Drawing up a strategy for building external links

Stage 3

  1. Design and creation of Local Moving
  2. Design and creation of the Move From/To section
  3. Link building
  4. Business Profile optimization

Specific features and difficulties of the project


At the beginning of the project, we faced intense competition in the organic search for the keywords "moving company," "Calgary movers," "local movers," and others. All top 10 websites have been actively implementing search engine optimization for several years. In addition, the results of the organic search include large-scale directory sites, which consistently occupy the first three positions. Due to the limited timeframe for our project, the Panem Digital Agency team employed a strategy of promoting low-frequency queries, followed by a shift to more frequent ones. For example, we initially optimized the home page of the site for the search query "affordable movers calgary," which was low-frequency, but after a while, we started to receive the first site visitors from this and other similar queries. After we reached the top-1 position, the site's main page was re-optimized for the high-frequency query "calgary movers," which also began to drive traffic soon.


An important task was to expand the website's structure because after analyzing competitors, we realized that a clear structure of the site is one of the competitive advantages.

We expanded the website with the help of two new sections: Local Moving and Move From/To.

Local Moving is a section of the website containing individual pages created for specific cities in Alberta. The goal of these pages is to respond to a user's query within a particular location and drive organic traffic for low-frequency search queries. As a result, we created over fifty new pages, most of which started generating traffic in the first week.

Move From/To is the section of the site similar to Local Moving, but the main difference between the pages of this section is that they provide the user with information about the direction of relocation. For example, if a user is looking for a company to help them move from Calgary to Vancouver, there is a Moving from Calgary to Vancouver page to meet this request, which provides complete information about this destination. It is also worth noting that any moving company values such requests, as long-distance relocations bring much more profit.


Organic traffic has grown by more than 65.9%

Organic keywords have increased by more than 1 066%

Top-10 organic keywords have increased by more than 1100%

Top-3 organic keywords have increased by more than 100%


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