SEO promotion of Avenga IT company - case study

The Client: 

Avenga is an IT consulting company with extensive expertise in pharmacy, insurance, fintech, automotive, and real estate. Avenga Ukraine is a team of over 1200 qualified specialists who work in nine offices in Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia, Cherkasy, Khmelnytskyi, Lutsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Poltava.

The Tasks:

  • To transfer the website to a new domain

  • To perform a technical audit of the website
  • To improve the website’s domain rating
  • To increase organic traffic
  • To grow quality links

Taking into account all the peculiarities of the website, we decided to divide our project into the following stages:

Stage 1

  • Creating a redirect map for a proper site migration

It was essential to preserve website’s ranking positions and traffic accumulated over the last years. Because of some technical aspects and migration to a new platform, it was impossible to keep former URLs, so we designed a technical task for implementing the shortest possible URLs within the new website.

  • Technical audit

We conducted a technical audit to ensure that the new version of the website would be optimized to the greatest possible extent. In addition, the technical audit allowed us to take into account all technical aspects as well as new Google’s requirements and guidelines when creating the new website.

  • Technical tasks for optimizing existing content

Our client's industry is constantly developing, so it's important to update content to ensure it's relevant. Our task was to understand what our client's potential customers were looking for and what problems they sought to solve. Using this information, we designed technical tasks for optimizing the existing content and writing new pieces.

Stage 2

  • Blog audit (updating, combining, removing articles)

For Google, the ratio of performing and non-performing pages is very important. If most pages don't perform well, Google will reduce the positions and traffic of the performing pages. Given that, at this stage, we made decisions about each article, whether to update it, combine it with another one, or delete it. As a result, we managed to grow the number of well-performing pages.

  • Internal linking

For better indexing, when we clearly understood prioritizing of pages we promoted, we developed an internal linking structure.

  • In-depth analysis of lead-generation articles

We also performed an SEO analysis of lead-generation articles, which helped us understand and provide recommendations on the content structure and visual blocks.

Stage 3

Link Building

  • identifying direct competitors and performing detailed analysis of link profile;

  • designing the link building strategy (determining queries and pages for promotion, types and number of links, anchors);
  • selecting donor sites (using specified parameters: primary traffic from the US, over 10,000 organic traffic from the US, DR>40, relevant niches, according to Majestic)

Speaking of link building, we always focus on quality, not on quantity. We gathered relevant, quality resources to create a link building strategy to follow in the next several years. We reviewed it once a quarter to check if it needed changes. Also, we added new links and grew links to the pages we were promoting. Relevant and high-quality donors allowed us to achieve higher DR and ranking positions as well as increase leads.

The Results:

DR: 59

Referring Domain: 1,86K

Increasing of the link mass

and domain rating:

Increasing of keywords:


Combining practical knowledge of promoting websites on search engines with expertise, analytics, technical optimization, and close cooperation with the client, it’s always possible to achieve better results than initially planned. Search engine algorithms and requirements are getting stricter every year. That is why, to reach pre-determined KPIs, you have to become more inventive and resourceful every day. 

This case is an excellent example of the collaborative work of the Panem SEO agency and the client's marketing team.

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