SEO strategy for high competitive niche of camping tents. RBM Trading SEO case.

About client

RBM Trading LLC is a company that sells premium-quality tents for fishing, hunting, and outdoor activities. US and Canadian customers can buy their tents and stoves online from the website. The product range of the company is not very big, it's about 10 different tents and 3 wood burning tent stoves, the rest products - are the tent accessories. The main advantages of the products are high quality and durability.


US and Canadian tents market is quite competitive. Besides the worldwide known players in the niche (such as REI, Coleman), the marketplaces (such as Amazon) and reviewers also compete here. It's a big challenge for a small e-commerce website to become visible and drive potential customers in such conditions. But nevertheless, we accepted the challenge and started the work with the website's SEO optimization and promotion. It was obvious that the way to Google's top positions won't be easy and as quick as we would like to, but the client agreed to work with the perspective of future success.

SEO Goal & Objectives:

SEO Goal:

Increase sales of the offered products.


  1. Raise the amount of targeting keywords and attract more traffic to the website.
  2. Develop and extend the blog with expert content and in this way raise the credibility and general awareness of the brand.


  • Organic traffic volume
  • Growth of relevant keywords
  • Gradual increase in the backlink mass of the site
  • Top positions for main keywords in Google’s SERP


  • High competition for targeting keywords.
  • Products have a high price point to typical brand consumers.
  • The website didn’t meet technical optimization requirements
  • Poor SEO optimization of the main landing pages.
  • Weak backlink profile.

Services Provided

First stage

  • Competitors and niche analysis for better understanding of the future SEO strategy.
  • Technical audit of the website with the further implementation
  • Keywords research and clustering of semantic kernel.
  • Relevance map (keywords mapping to landing pages)

Second stage

  • On-page optimization of main landing pages.
  • Unique and SEO friendly content development for commercial and informational webpages.
  • Link building strategy and profound anchor list.
  • Analysis of existing backlinks profile and disavowing of spammy links.

Third stage

  • Extending of the semantic kernel for informational queries.
  • Building and promotion expert content for blog
  • Analysis of internal cross linking recommendations for it’s improvements
  • Home page analysis and optimization

Maintaining in-progress works

  • Backlinks acquisitions
  • Continuous iteration and improvement of main landing pages
  • Analysis of backlinks profile
  • Update and improvement of “ever green” content on the website.
  • Technical audit of the website.

Our solutions – content strategy

Beating competition with reviewers.

The specific of buyer’s journey in the selling funnel shows that all potential customers make a deep research of products that are offered in the market. This means that each of our targeting keywords has both commercial and informational intent.

Knowing this, our team made a decision to create informational content in order to attract those potential customers who are in the faze of search and comparing the best option to buy. We created our own expert guides on choosing specific kinds of tents, which facilitate a seamless buyer’s journey and successfully compete with big established traveling web guides.

Our solutions – backlinks strategy

After a comprehensive analysis of competitors’ backlinks profiles we created a safe and result-oriented backlinks strategy that aims to strengthen domain authority and drive traffic.

The focus was on quality backlinks that come from trusted and authoritative websites. For this purpose we're using guest posting. We search and outreach potential donors which apply to certain criteria.


Increase in ranking keywords:

From 350 to 4500

Website’s traffic increase:

From 700 to 20000


The success of SEO strategy in many cases determined by a profound analysis ahead of making a work plan. Understanding the intent of each keyword and what do users want to see in SERP play crucial role in building of landing pages. Even small website can build its own expertise and trustworthiness and in this way show Google that its worth to be shown in Top SERP positions.

Quality and expert content is a must nowadays, and those who are passionate about delivering the best stuff for their users always win a battle.


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